Forensic Accounting Services

Uncovering Fraud
with Forensic Accounting

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It’s an unfortunate fact that small businesses have the highest incidence of fraud in the United States (“Report to a Nation,” Association of Certified Fraud Examiners). Fraudulent activity can wreak havoc on your cash flow, ability to pay vendors and sense of trust within your business.

Our forensic accounting experts help business owners and their attorneys uncover potentially fraudulent activity and protect the business from future occurrences. Areas where we can help include:
  • Fraud examinations
  • Asset tracing
  • Internal controls consulting
  • Advise on fraud prevention processes/practices
  • Expert testimony
  • Litigation support services

If you are a business owner who suspects others of fraudulent activity within your business, consult with an attorney before filing charges or discussing with the employee. Fraud examiners are trained in interviewing techniques and can advise on the best plan to recover assets and illicit a confession or cooperation from the fraudster.

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