MRZ Industry Expertise


The expertise you need when you need it.

Each industry comes with inherent and unique challenges and complexities that affect business value, growth strategies, and financial considerations - from both a business and individual viewpoint. We combine industry knowledge with valuation fundamentals to help businesses and individuals reach their goals. Learn more about our industry expertise below. 

our industry expertise

  • Oil & Gas
  • Supporting the Oil & Gas Industry

    The oil and gas industry presents unique challenges, from volatility of cash flow to complex compliance regulations. SKY professionals understand these challenges, combining industry insight with valuation expertise to help you reach your specific goals.

  • Healthcare
  • Informing Decisions in the Healthcare Industry

    We help those in the healthcare industry, from medical and dental private practices to imaging centers, navigate the challenges of operating in the healthcare space with services ranging from appraisals to transaction/advisory consulting.

  • Construction
  • Building Better Businesses in the Construction Industry
    Whether it's chasing growth or navigating a partnership dispute, SKY professionals have the necessary construction industry and valuation knowledge to support those in the construction industry. We provide services ranging from appraisals to litigation support. 
  • Manufacturing
  • Supporting the Manufacturing Industry
    The manufacturing industry has many challenges, from high equipment costs to low profit margin on specialty jobs, that can make effectively navigating it difficult. We understand the challenges you face and bring clarity and experienced guidance to your unique situation to help reach your goals. 
  • Hospitality
  • Help Succeeding in the Hospitality Industry
    High labor turnover rates and facility leasing costs can make the hospitality industry difficult to navigate. The SKY Valuation team understands the challenges you face and brings measured, experienced guidance to the table.