Valuation Services


Valuations assign a monetary value to businesses and other assets, helping you plan for the future and navigate complex situations. Corporate planning, the purchase or sale of a business, or life transitions such as divorce or business exit are all times when a valuation is key. Learn more about the expert advisory and valuation services we offer below.



Business Valuation
SKY business valuation experts apply the appropriate valuation techniques to evaluate various financial scenarios for planning purposes for a business purchase, sale or exit.
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Damages Valuation
SKY damages valuation experts apply a monetary value to losses to answer the question, “What financial position would you be in, if X hadn’t happened?”
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Intangible Asset Valuation
Our experts produce thorough, detailed intangible asset valuations for contracts, goodwill, workforce in place, patents, and trademarks.
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409a Valuation Services
A 409a valuation is an appraisal of the fair market value of your company’s stock and may be required by the Internal Revenue Service. SKY provides independent 409a valuations to privately-held companies.
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